Why you should accept Crypto payment as a Business Owner.


NOWPayments is the easiest way to accept cryptocurrency payments. Join us NOW! Made by @ChangeNOW_io

Features of Nowpayments

  • Auto Coin Conversion
  • Stable coins — You are safe from any dramatic rate fluctuations — NOWPayments takes care of those.
  • Instant Withdrawals
  • The payments are instantly transferred to your personal wallet — and by personal we mean that you and only you have access to it.
  • 24-hour payment window
  • The possibilities are endless — accept your funds to a stablecoin wallet.
  • Simple API — API has been developed in a way that you can integrate it in the quickest and easiest way possible.
  • Make your integration feel as native as possible.
  • Security — The blockchain’s performance is not affected by minor inconveniences as it is decentralized and stable no matter what.
  • NOWPayments is a completely custody-free service. All your payments are instantly converted into crypto of your choice and transferred to a wallet that you — and only you — have access to.
  • Regulation compliance
  • Our legal team is always ready to make sure all the necessary regulatory requirements are followed. Your crypto is as safe as it can be with our zero-custody service.
  • 24/7 Support.
  • USD to Crypto
  • Fiat-Crypto with NOWPayments!
  • Pay with Visa or Mastercard and receive Crypto in a few clicks. Safe and profitably. Find more here.


There are several advantages of crypto in comparison to fiat money, and it is vital to be aware of them before making a choice between the two.



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