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What's the road trip all about?
The blockchain roadtrip, for blockchain technology and innovation is set to kickoff from 20th to 28th of September, we would be having all blockchain and crypto enthusiasts and entrepreneurs to address questions and enlightened the University Ecosystem. The first ever blockchain Road trip in Nigeria is set to take place in September 2019

The Mission of the Road Trip:

The Blockchain road trip platform educates the Nigerian University population on cryptocurrencies. The entire trip is documented daily with live feeds and interviews, meetups, fun that are shared across all social media sites for maximum exposure. The tour will occur quarterly as it becomes stronger similarly to the implementation of cryptocurrencies throughout the world.

Hot Topics:

  • Introduction to Blockchain technology,
  • Cryptocurrencies and digital assets
  • Connecting the world in a FLASH.
  • monetize your influence with Robin8.


We will work with all of our partners, Businesses, crypto communities and supporters to help. This is all about the crypto communities coming together to achieve a common goal – “Mass Adoption” through this education.

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