Using Algorand ASC1S SmartContracts for Escrow Services.

3 min readMay 27, 2020

Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology is the disruptive technology that will break into all sector of the economy that deals with data and money, but it has its pros, cons, but they are some far less known services like Blockchain Escrow services, this service aims to make trading, payments, transactions safer, secured, and better.

Over time we have heard of transactions where funds are hacked, OTC traders stealing funds or the third party stealing the funds.

Escrow Service: This simply means a platform or service in which there is a mutual agreement or arrangement with a third party, and the work of the third party is to receive either (money, property) and disburse to the other receiving end, and the sender of the money receives his/her part of the deal.

Here is a perfect example: Buyers prefer paying the seller upon receiving the goods, whereas the seller prefers the opposite.

The scenario above connotes that the transaction and delivery will be unable to take place at the same time and reach the desired fairness. The commonly used solution is using Trusted Third Parties (TTP) — such as Alipay & Paypal — to escrow capitals. In case of a dispute, these TTP launch embedded arbitration services to keep impartial fairness and facilitate a solution.

Problems Associated with Trusted Third Parties (TTP) Escrow.

  • Slow Transactions,
  • Expensive fees from third party
  • Prone to Hack.
  • Errors in public records.
  • Illegal deeds

This leads to unnecessary delays and costs in the delivery to the consumer.
Blockchain innovation has reformed reasonable trade conventions and, presently, TTP isn’t generally the best answer for these exchanges in light of moral issues and security dangers. Huge numbers of the crypto exchange and online markets have been inclined to hackers. A Japan-based crypto exchange Coincheck needed to refund its clients around $400m (£282m) taken by hackers in what is currently known as one of the greatest computerized reserves hack.

Escrow exchanges are one of the most solid approaches to beat digital currency instability, which can see a cryptographic money’s worth change fundamentally in the time it takes to finish an exchange. Escrow administrations guarantee exchanges are executed in a protected and auspicious way.



ASC1s are Layer-1 brilliant smart-contracts that consequently implement custom guidelines and rationale, commonly around how resources (Algorand Standard Assets or Algos) can be moved. They are perplexing financial connections comprised of fundamental exchange natives written in another dialect called Transaction Execution Approval Language (TEAL).

This usefulness empowers energizing and create better approaches to address existing wasteful and complex money related exchanges.

In the present economy, there is a scope of existing exchanges that depend on mediators to give trust and execution. This prompts pointless postponements and expenses in the conveyance to the shopper. Instances of these include:

  • Escrow accounts
  • Credit installments
  • Cutoff orders
  • Memberships
  • Collateralized commitment

With trustless execution on the Algorand blockchain, cost and insecurity are brought down while taking into account moment settlement of these smart contracts.
Expelling existing advancement obstructions, Algorand’s Layer-1 arrangement settles a dominant part of utilization cases with phenomenal speed, less multifaceted nature, and essentially lower costs.
This first discharge takes a critical segment of current brilliant agreement use cases and actualizes them in a manner that permits them to exploit the exhibition of the Algorand stage. Algorand will keep on developing on ACS1s to additionally propel the capacities of smart contracts.
Incorporated legitimately with Algorand’s Layer-1, these agreements are quicker, progressively adaptable, and increasingly secure. With Algorand’s minuscule exchange charges, ASC1s are unbelievably minimal effort to execute. It can be applied in P2P payments of digital currency, OTC trading of digital currency, and more. And also the future of Smart Escrow services.




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