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3 min readSep 28, 2021

A lot of amazing news this month. It has been a great one for Trace as it’s been featured on coingraph. If you’re hearing of trace for the first time, this few sentences would keep you up-to-date and enlightened about it. Stay tuned!!

About Trace Network Labs

Founded as Trace Network, Trace Network Labs builds technology with the ultimate goal of creating a lifestyle NFT-based protocol for the metaverse, enabling the next generation of luxury goods where the real and virtual worlds become one. Its mission is to be a part of transforming how our digital and real-life selves interact with and consume luxury products, freeing consumers to seamlessly migrate between worlds with their lifestyles intact.

Trace Network, an enterprise-grade proof-of-stake consensus-based permissionless protocol for supply chain, data management, trade settlement and financing powered by decentralized finance and nonfungible tokens, is rebranding as Trace Network Labs, positioning itself at the forefront as luxury lifestyles move to the digital realm.


“When your vision is crystal clear, they say it’s razor-sharp/ A focused mind is said to be like a knife, but the scalpel is wisdom…” — LeBron James. Seeing what others cannot see can be so risky at times but when your vision is clear, fear becomes irrelevant and execution becomes a reality.Just as individuals, cooperate bodies and organisations have visions and dreams, so does Trace. Trace Network Labs has a vision of the world to come that is shared by many futurists: a metaverse in which all virtual and physical worlds converge into a single shared reality. Rather than fearing this future, Trace Network Labs advocates embracing it for all of its potential.

With close observation, you will notice its attitude is reflected in Trace Network Labs’ new logo, featuring the iconic Fearless Girl statue that famously stared down the Charging Bull statue across from the New York Stock Exchange, an image intended to symbolize and pay tribute to women’s contributions to all spheres of life. Trace’s new slogan, “Be Fearless in the Metaverse,” promotes its bold, unbounded and contemporary attitude toward the metaverse as it takes shape.


The lifestyle industry is becoming an intrinsic part of virtual spaces.

· Trace Network Labs wants to help us empower our digital selves to roam freely between the world as we know it and the metaverse with its foundation constructed around us, enabling the next evolution of the luxury lifestyle as the boundaries between real and virtual continue to blur.

· Trace Network Labs aims to be the de facto gateway for lifestyle brands, businesses, projects and consumers alike to enter into any metaverse.

Some brands have already started stepping in this direction with new digital NFTs of their products. L’Oréal launched its digital products category for users to use on Zoom calls and Burberry launched its digital category for gamers to wear digital goods in games.

The advent of blockchain-authenticated art and collectibles represents a seismic shift in how luxury goods are produced and consumed. The power dynamic is rapidly changing to favor the consumer, one in which the creators and customers will be leading the industry into the next frontier: wearable and usable lifestyle products that exist in the metaverse.

This is all we can take for now, wanna know more about Trace network and how to empower our digital selves, then click on the link below to get more information





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