The Countdown to CTSI’s Reserve Mining — Announcing Pre-Staking with Coinone

Pre-Staking with Coinone

From now until the Mainnet launch, Coinone will be providing users with the ability to easily pre-stake their CTSI in anticipation of the launch.

  • Pre-Staking Start Date: November 25, 2020 3:00PM KST
  • Pre-Staking End Date: December 25, 2020 12:00AM KST

CTSI Mining on Mainnet

In order to prepare for the Mainnet launch, users can review our CTSI Reserve Mining — How it Works article to get familiar with the Proof of Stake and reward system.

  • Miners get a reward of 2,900 CTSI per block claimed. On average, each block is created every 30 minutes
  • Users’ funds are safe while held on the staking contract, duly audited by SlowMist
  • No slashing and no risks to the principal due to node malfunction or unavailability
  • Rewards distributed directly to the user’s wallet, eliminating extra ETH transaction fees
  • No lock-ups. Staked CTSI can be recovered in a few minutes from the system

How to Pre-Stake

  1. Log in to or register your Coinone account
  2. Access the CTSI Pre-staking page
  3. Pre-stake your CTSI.



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