Technical Introduction to BitCherry Ecosystem.

TUTORIAL: Technical Introduction to BitCherry


BitCherry is the world’s first commercial scalable blockchain infrastructure based on IPv8 technology. Its universal blockchain infrastructure meets commercial applications needs to provide a high-performance, high-secure, and high-available public chain support for distributed commerce on the chain.

BitCherry cryptocurrency is an Etherum token whose technological system is divided based network, database storage, consensus algorithms, network protocols, transaction processors, virtual machines, application layer interfaces, and has several core modules.

Technological Feature

  • Protocol (P2Plus)
  • HashRelationshipSpectrum
  • Consensuses Algorithm (aBFT)
  • Consensus Mechanism (aBFT+PoUc)
  • Incentive Mechanism (Bit-U)
  • Hash Ring (sharding)
  • Hash Body (side chain)
  • Zero-knowledge proof (ZKP)
  • Cross-chain


BitCherry public chain is a large-scale distributed operating system with tens of thousands of nodes to run smoothly on the server and terminals around the world worldwide. BitCherry ecosystem has much excellent software that its healthy development is inseparable from ecological product development, currently, it has a lot in R&D and testing of products, as we are listed below:

  • Light clients want to provide more devices with the ability to run nodes.
  • Lightweight full node to solve the problem of full large-scale node data. It supports the whole node to store part of block transaction data and provides full node service under the condition of full state data.
  • BitCherry public chain provides more privacy protection for data support for anonymous transactions.
  • ABFT consensus algorithm based algorithm combined with PoUc consensus for the future of cross-chain BitCherry prepares the ground ready.
  • BitCherry smart contracts are fully functional, developer-friendly, with full-featured smart Docker container contracts support in varieties of programming languages. It is also supported for external resources by calling sandbox isolation. In terms of programming language, developers write contracts in ETH Solidity language.


Although BitCherry has no PoW consensus, it still has mining machines. Instead of wasting a lot of computing power for useless Hash computation and competing for accounting rights and rewards, BitCherry’s miner is used for network layer P2P plus relay node, block layer Hash check computing power, and block layer all node data storage.

BitCherry mining machine is mainly aimed at ToC consumer users, followed by ToB small and micro-enterprise users, and providing massive file archive resources and massive scientific computing resources for large customers. According to the latest report released by Gartner, a well-known market research company, in 2022, the global scale of cloud computing services will reach US $550 billion, which does not include the cloud computing services of individual consumers brought about by the outbreak of 5G communication technology. The advantages of BitCherry chain compared with Amazon cloud and Microsoft cloud computing, BitCherry chain using decentralization to prevent centralization from evil, protecting user’s privacy & data, and P2Plus reduce network overhead, improve network performance, P2P sharing economy, significantly reduce the cost of cloud computing, share the monopoly profits of cloud computing giants.


With BitCherry, users will experience: token issues, DApp deploys and operations, pledge to vote, digital asset transfer, and much more after the Launching of the Ecology Mobile Wallet. Visit to learn more.




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