Speculation On Newscrypto New World Partnerships

There may be a number of crypto educational facilities out there, but Newscrypto seems to be doing something well. This educational facility is available to users of any cryptocurrency whatsoever.

Users of Bitcoin, Kucoin, Etherum, and other cryptocurrencies can decide to benefit from the immense tools and resources available on this platform. NewsCrypto.io is an all-in-one online crypto resources platform that allows both greenhorns and experts to learn more and master the world of cryptocurrency. This platform is made up of experts that have created resources that are able to educate anyone about cryptocurrency.

Newscrypto’s Partnership With KuCoin: What People Stand To Gain

KuCoin recently partnered with this educational platform, and users of this cryptocurrency can’t get enough of it. As an educational platform, Newscrypto offers trading tools, educational resources, community predictions, as well as advanced indicators.

The platform was created in 2018, and since then, many cryptocurrencies have started partnering with it. Currently, this platform has at least 100,000+ users globally, and it keeps churning out more innovative features.

This educational platform stands out for the rest because it is dedicated to teaching both new and expert traders. If you are new to cryptocurrency, NewsCrypto.io can help. KuCoin understands the benefits of an educational platform like Newscrypto and decided that its users can benefit from such an educational platform.

Advantages of Using NWC

As a user of NWC, whether you are an owner of KuCoin or another cryptocurrency, you will benefit a lot from it.

Features for Beginners, intermediate, and advanced

Free Educational Resources

One thing that I fancy about this platform when I tried it out, was that it offers a lot of free courses. For someone that knows nothing about cryptocurrency, using this platform will bring you up to speed effortlessly. Though NWC may have partnered with KuCoin, this educational platform can also be used by any crypto trader, not minding the type of crypto that one trades in.

The courses in this platform are divided into four for new traders or zero-based traders. You will be taught about:

• The basics,

• The charts and their interpretations,

• The Newscrypto tools, and

• The trading strategies.

Each course takes few hours before you are done. This means that you can easily understand what cryptocurrency is about and how to trade in a short period. Every day, new courses are being developed, and we are hoping to see more from Newscrypto soon.

Charting Options for Traders

For traders that want to track the price movement of a cryptocurrency, the NWC charts can help. You can compare any coin, be it KuCoin, Ethereum, and so on to Bitcoin.

It is no news that traders use charts because of how important they are. In Newscrypto, you can have access to a myriad of charts that are tailored to take care of your needs.

KuCoin and Newscrypto Cashback Program

NWC token holders can now benefit from the Newscrypto Cashback Program. In this program, users that decide to lock their NWC tokens in KuCoin platform for over ninety days are given 60% annualized interest.

Token holders are allowed to lock up at most two hundred thousand 200,000 NWC, which is valued at more than five thousand dollars.

It is easy to participate. All you have to do is deposit your NWC in the KuCoin wallet. After that, you withdraw it to the LOCKNWC address, and you are good to go.

About Newscrypto & Kucoin Partnership

A while ago, KuCoin decided to partner with NewsCrypto, an educational platform that is focused on tutoring people everything concerning the usage of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. This partnership leads to a lot of great things, as a myriad of courses is focused on educating people on the blockchain Ecosystem. The platform leads people to understand the benefits of blockchain and its infrastructures. This is great from NWC. Good platforms have a way of giving back to their users.

Newscrypto Has Other Partnerships Up Its Sleeves

This educational platform seems to possess plans of partnering with other cryptocurrencies to offer zero-based traders, traders with limited experience, and even expert traders, the opportunity to survive and excel in the world of cryptocurrency. More partnerships are in the pipeline.

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