Something big is coming: How NewsCrypto And KuCoin Partnership Can Upgrade The Crypto Education System.

4 min readJun 4, 2020


A while ago, KuCoin decided to partner with NewsCrypto, an educational platform that is focused on tutoring people everything concerning the usage of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. This partnership leads to a lot of great things, as a myriad of courses is focused on educating people on the blockchain Ecosystem. The platform leads people to understand the benefits of blockchain and its infrastructures.


  • To grow a bigger community.
  • To lead our way of becoming N°1 crypto platform.
  • To tap into the top 100 crypto projects.
  • To maximize user's and holder's ambitions.

What we have achieved in a short while

Working products with expanding userbase,
acknowledged by key players in the crypto industry.
Projected to surge from 100,000 to 300,000 users in the next weeks!

What do others think about us?

Those who have Benefitted From This Platform:

Many people are yet to understand the benefits of this technology and how it can be used in every sector. With the education that this platform offers, blockchain technology will be massively adopted.

The joint platform of KuCoin and NewsCrypto has a myriad of lessons that can tutor one on varying topics. Any person with any experience can understand the topics taught in this platform. It doesn’t matter the level of experience that a person has, it is easy to understand what is being tutored there.

1. Zero-based groups

People that fall in this group are those that do not have any level of experience in cryptocurrency and blockchain. We can call them virgins of this phenomenal world.

They are yet to understand the numerous benefits that can accrue to them when they use blockchain-like, fast transaction time, low transaction cost, and so on. Blockchain can change any sector, be it the health world, financial realm, government sector, and so on. This educational opportunity can help them to learn about what they have been missing in the world of blockchain.

2. Users With Limited Investment Experience

The second class of people is those that have restricted investment experiences. They are looking for smarter ways to break into the world of blockchain, smart contracts, cryptocurrency, and so on. Using a platform like this will go a long way in pointing them in the right direction.

3. Expert investors.

The third class is made up of those that are top of the food chain. They are professionals in blockchain and have a wealth of experience. It is important to note that the blockchain world is ever-changing, meaning that no matter how professional one is, he needs to learn more. The innovations that come out daily in the realm of blockchain are mind-blowing.

What Will People Stand To Gain From This Partnership?

The education courses have been put together by experts in the field and are always updating them when new innovations rear their heads. In this platform, everyone is taken care of, from the experts down to the novices.

One can come across the fundamental and advanced crypto knowledge, and ways to read the different charts. They also find out the different popular tools and indicators that people use, and how they are used. There is a lot more that can be learned. To ensure that the user understands every lesson, there are some tests and practices that have to be done. After they are done, they are handed a Certificate of Completion that is recognized.

The partnership between both will see Kucoin sponsoring the NWC School Program. Users of KuCoin will be able to have access to the numerous NWC packages. This will improve their investment decisions by a lot. Users of KuCoin can learn for either learning purpose or investment reason.

A great aspect is that users of KuCoin do not have to pay a dime to have access to this. Those that decide to participate will earn points, and with those points, they will be given some lucrative rewards like bonuses, special trader titles, and so on.

This partnership will add more value to the Nwc token in the coming, at the time of writing this article, NWC was up 12%, you don't wanna miss out!!

Something big is coming! don't miss this!

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