Playing a Good Part In Transforming the Future by Building Decentralized Platforms

Pavel Bains — CEO Bluzelle

Pavel Bains happens to be among the five entrepreneurs, these entrepreneurs are creators to watch within the decentralized, digital assets industry, a market segment that’s called together of the only to require an edge in 2020 by industry experts.

Meet Pavel Bains —

Pavel Bains is that the CEO of Singapore-based Bluzelle, a decentralized database that solves security, integrity, and reliability issues facing data management. He often speaks on panels and conferences about the long run of digital media, finance, and technology. Bains could also be a contributing writer to Fast Company, Venture Beat, Forbes, and thus the Huffington Post.
Previously, he co-founded Storypanda, a digital book platform that empowers kids to read, create, and share books. Storypanda publishes critically acclaimed titles by the world’s best independent authors and media brands. Licensing deals included DreamWorks, Warner Bros, CBC, MGA, Peanuts, and more.

Prior to Storypanda, Bains served in GM and CFO roles for video game studios, including leading independent multiplayer developer Threewave Software and Disney Interactive Studios. At Threewave, Bains was involved within the assembly of AAA titles from EA, Activision, and Atari. At Disney, Bains was the financial manager for seven studios, overseeing budgets of $150 million.

Bains is also a former NCAA academic-athlete honor student and competed for UCLA track and field. Bains could also be A level chartered financial analyst and graduate of Simon Fraser University.
The Airbnb of databases, Bluzelle is wise, in-memory data storage technology. It is often used as a cache or database. Bluzelle is extremely available, durable, and globally distributed. No operational overhead or configuration is vital.

Bluzelle is fitted to gaming and media. Bluzelle combines decentralized technologies with edge computing, so businesses never suffer from data breaches, network failures, or performance issues.

Their unparalleled experience and leadership set them apart. While they already boast early successes, their adaptability and industry knowledge will transform their products, allowing them to stay relevant for several years within the longer-term in conjunction with changing technological demands.


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