NewsCrypto Weekly Digest: 21st-26th June 2020

2 min readJun 26, 2020


Newscrypto is still leading the Pack:

NewsCrypto is that start line and therefore the GO-TO platform for everybody involved cryptocurrencies. Our primary focus is to prevent people from blindly investing and guide them into making rational investment decisions and solve the problem of finding the right information at the right time.

In contrast to other crypto information providing platforms, Newscrypto provides tried and tested products with a much more advanced system at a less expensive cost with given free access to basic instruments and instructive program with an all-day, 24/7 working framework, with over 102,000 end-users using the platform for profitable trading, blockchain education too.

Newscrypto and Altcoin Fantasy Update:

NWC trading contest in cooperation with Altcoin Fantasy update:

🔹️889 traders already joined
🔹️24 days until contest end.

Trade with imaginary $500 on real price movements from live KuCoin order book and compete for reward in real NWC tokens.

Trade with imaginary coins on actual price movements and compete for a prize pool of NWC real tokens.

🥇 1st place: 8000 NWC (~305$)
🥈 2nd place: 4500 NWC (~170$)
🥉 3rd place: 2500 NWC (~95$)

Start trading now👇

ICO Speak Hosts Newscrypto Team.

It was one of the best AMA, with a lot of insightful discussion about Newscrypto ecosystem, it was a full house this time, over 104,500 members present in the ICO speak telegram Channel, there were lot of questions from the participants to the team.

The first Block of AMA , Self-introduction.
📍AlJaz Kanalec PR of

Second Block of AMA.

Project Introduction by speakers(Team.

📍 What is Newscrypto and which problems does the platform address?
📍 What is NWC token and what is its main utility function?
📍 Which are the current on-going activities at Newscrypto and what can we expect in near future?

Third Block of AMA.
Question from ICO Speaks team.

Elvis from the Newscrypto team, mentioned the partnership with Altcoinfantasy and also chipped in that Newscrypto are in talks with 3 other big crypto names to collaborate.

Our platform is upgrading real fast. We are implementing escrow funcion so the users could buy crypto directly on the platform.

NWC trial fund activity successfully closed:




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