NewsCrypto Staking with double rewards; Free membership + NWC tokens

NewsCrypto is appreciating its Token holders, In that spirit, they made a special offer, one of a kind staking event for NewsCrypto subscribers that want to hold the NWC token on their platform.

Every subscriber that will stake their NWC tokens will be rewarded in two ways. Firstly, with a free membership and secondly with staking rewards in the form of NWC tokens.

Staking from 10,000 NWC to 19,999 NWC:

Staking for 3 months

Staking from 20,000 NWC and above:

Subscriptions will be awarded immediately (2 -3 minutes) after entering the staking period. NWC reward will be awarded just before staking duration finishes.


You can stake any amount from 10,000 NWC onward that you have on your Newscrypto balance via the staking button that could be found in your profile. Put in the amount of NWC tokens you want to stake and choose the wanted duration. After these 2 parameters are chosen click confirm. Your subscription will be unlocked in a few minutes.

Starts August 3rd, no time limitation on entering the event

NOTE: After you have staked your NWC Token, the chosen amount will be locked and you will be unable to manipulate with them for the duration of staking.

If you have any additional questions regarding the holder's event please do not hesitate to contact them or on their official telegram chat.

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