Newscrypto Partners with world’s number one mobile payment service organization Alipay

3 min readSep 1, 2020


When it comes to payment methods, Newscrypto have been adopting various payment methods and is now opening to a momentum partnership with Alipay

Alipay is an online payment medium with over one billion users and the largest payment platform in Asian.
It has been recorded as the most widely used third-party online service provider in Asian. With an in-excess of 100 million daily exchange and in excess of 520 million active and dynamic clients.
Its essential item is an advanced digital wallet, Alipay Wallet, which fuses a versatile application that grants clients to make transactions legitimately from their cell phones.

Alipay is an absolute necessity for any business wanting to reach a critical mass of Chinese shoppers, as well as shoppers in other Asian countries both home and abroad. It is accessible in 70 business divisions and has quite recently been grasped by in excess of 80,000 retail stores around the world.

A little foundation on Newscrypto will show that it’s a Cryptocurrency foundation giving instructive directives to clients giving them the privilege and significant data identifying with trading and investment.

It’s additionally committed to mentoring beginners to the crypto world about Cryptocurrency with little/no previous knowledge of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain.

The mission of Newscrypto is to give every trader, investor, and crypto newbie that utilizes the platform a profoundly beneficial blockchain-based financial support and instruments that will set as a manual to guide them in making the right decision.
Newscrypto has it’s token; NWC and it has been the impetus of the platform, which has a total supply of 280million cap with the stellar blockchain being its backbone.

The adoption of Alipay as a payment method will bring a momentum improvement to the Newscrypto platform as Asians can simply purchase NWC token or any desirable coin of their choice using their Alipay wallet on

And when it comes to the issue of security this momentum partnership has done it’s best to protect the funds of its users.
As at today, NewsCrypto is a stable, self-funded project, with a working product, which is one of the best investment assets in the blockchain sphere which security have been put to test and brought out good results as it is dedicated to protect and keep users personal data safe as well as funds.

Alipay on the other hand utilizes a solution with the most advanced encryption technology for secure transactions. The use of advanced encryption keeps every database and transactions safe. Over the years of Alipay being one of the top business payment mediums in Asian, the security of users is something that hasn’t been breached and is given as a trusted system.

Alipay works perfectly fine on the mobile, system or any form of gadget provided it’s needed data are available the same as Newscrypto.

The partnership between Alipay and Newscrypto ( is aimed to bring a standard frictionless experience to users and bring about an efficient payment method for trading Cryptocurrency on Newscrypto.




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