Newscrypto and PayPal are coming together for a monumental partnership in order to enable NWC token purchase with PayPal from

A medium of Crypto and blockchain education as being the aim of the Newscrypto platform since its inception. Educational facilities and programs are being made available to anyone that has that zeal to learn about Cryptocurrency and blockchain. The Newscrypto token has been the impetus of the platform, which has a total supply of 280million cap with the stellar blockchain being its backbone.

PayPal is an online medium for users to send funds to one another and a safe space for money transactions since the year 2002. According to the statistics report, in the first quarter of this year, 2020, the number of active users utilizing is approximately 325 million users globally and the platform facilitates the receipt of money in over a hundred currencies, as well as the withdrawal of funds in fifty-six currencies.

PayPal has been partnering with various Cryptocurrency exchange following the announcement of it’s CEO Dan Schulman in the year 2014. And of recent it has decided to extend it’s a partnership to; a platform that’s dedicated to giving it’s users the best and whose mission is to give every user the knowledge of confidence in regards to Cryptocurrency trading by providing access to highly profitable business blockchain-based instruments for money-making decisions.

In a simple language, the partnership between PayPal and NWC will bring both the forces of both platforms in play allowing its users to buy and sell NWC token directly through the PayPal platform.
Every user that engages in the product of this monumental partnership will be able to utilize the benefits of the NWC platform open to its users likewise getting NWC token with their PayPal funds.

For any newbie to the Cryptocurrency world, can serve as a good guide where they can learn and develop their first steps into the world of Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. The NWC token has also been able to gain some market confidence due to its performance since creation.

NewsCrypto has been addressing the spread and flow of information and news within cryptocurrency and blockchain. This platform has been working on a NON-ICO and NON-IEO system right from the onset, not in the need of any external funds, and hence the token is quite stable without a much dumping system.
The major goals of the Newscrypto platform are simple which is to reduce the complexity of Cryptocurrency and blockchain to users, the best possible way. And giving financial advice pertaining to trading and investment.

• The Newscrypto team members are made of professionals who give technical and financial advice pertaining to cryptocurrency investment and trading.

• It solves the problem of finding the right information at the right time and open users to a variety of Cryptocurrency knowledge.

• NWC token is built on the stellar blockchain; which is fast, reliable, having a low transaction fee.

• NWC token has organic growth which makes it a perfect and good asset for investors.

• Availability of charting options which gives room for traders who wants to track the price of Cryptocurrency to do so with ease.

As earlier said, PayPal is a worldwide online payment medium that users utilize to make varieties of payments and money transactions and it’s have been in existence since the year 2002. And have proven to be a strong a safe platform, partnering of this known platform and Newscrypto is going to bring about a great system and development in the Cryptocurrency space which has been in existence for 11 years now.

As years keep getting the acquiring and the usage, exposure of Cryptocurrency keeps getting broader in existence so does the medium through which Cryptocurrency can be purchase keep getting on the increase. But before using a given medium to purchase cryptocurrency users will definitely want to be assured that their funds are going to be safe.

The partnership between Newscrypto and PayPal is going to ensure optimum security. Instead of the use of debit cards and credit cards as other exchanges. This partnership will provide a system that allows people to utilize their PayPal funds in purchasing Crypto. There will be some sort of built-in wallet functionality so users can use it to store their funds.

In order for users to use the Paypal payment processor, they have to be registered with PayPal and Users will be required to go through a verification process through KYC.


This partnership aims to satisfy its users by providing a safe, easy, and reliable means of transaction. has been able to secure appropriate licenses and also staked some anti-money laundering procedures in place.

As at today, NewsCrypto is a stable, self-funded project, with a working product, which is one of the best investment assets in the blockchain sphere.

The platform has more upcoming partnerships that will be announced to the public when it deems fit to and is also open to more partnerships that are going to benefit the system and its users.

About Newscrypto & Kucoin Partnership

A while ago, KuCoin decided to partner with NewsCrypto, an educational platform that is focused on tutoring people everything concerning the usage of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. This partnership leads to a lot of great things, as a myriad of courses is focused on educating people on the blockchain Ecosystem. The platform leads people to understand the benefits of blockchain and its infrastructures. This is great from NWC. Good platforms have a way of giving back to their users.

Newscrypto Has Other Partnerships Up Its Sleeves

This educational platform seems to possess plans of partnering with other cryptocurrencies to offer zero-based traders, traders with limited experience, and even expert traders, the opportunity to survive and excel in the world of cryptocurrency. More partnerships are in the pipeline.

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