Matic Collaborates with Bonded Finance

Matic Scalable and instant blockchain transactions

Matic Network brings massive scale to Ethereum using an adapted version of Plasma with PoS based side chains.

When it comes to scalability on the Ethereum network, Matic is certainly killing it — having realized 7200 TPS on their testnet this past summer. Matic is rapidly becoming the go-to Layer 2 Solution for developers, because of secure, scalable, and instant transactions, secured by Ethereum. There are 70+ Dapps building on Matic, starting from Defi Protocols to thrilling games and prediction markets.

For Bonded, the opportunity to collaborate is exciting, as our network will always seek the most robust and comprehensive solution as we evolve and fully decentralize. Given what the longer-term portends, Bonded is thrilled to list Matic together of their debut assets.
Its goal is to supply Matic supporters with:

* Access to our Accelerated Crypto Loan protocol
* Opportunity to loan and borrow the Matic token
* Capital resources
* Increased utility — earning potential in upcoming products
* An opportunity to earn as you HODL
* Drive demand by removing tokens from circulation
* Ability to earn liquidity incentives and BOND tokens

To repurpose a polarizing acronym, “MAGA,” Bonded’s dream is to “make alts great again.” With the simplest synergies dwell technologies that will not only confidently list but potentially integrate. This commitment is the essence of any healthy ecosystem.



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