Let’s dive into Knit Finance’s journey so far!

🎯January 26: Knit Finance launched an all-new Ambassador Program to build a team of dedicated members who share our vision and want to succeed together. The program would provide a chance to the members to represent and build awareness to new markets and potential users.

📢March 3: Knit Finance’s partnership with OroPocket will help bring their assets on multiple chains. The partnership will enable offerings of OpenDeFi on multiple chains with KnitFinance multi-chain solutions, along with enabling deeper penetration of OpenDeFi in the Binance Smart Chain and Polkadot ecosystem soon and multiple chains later supported by KnitFinance later builds.

March 5: With Knit Finance’s new partnership with Elrond, eGold & Elrond assets will be able to be tokenized and issued on other blockchains,& vice versa. As a result, DeFi products on the Elrond Mainnet will be able to include tokenized assets originating on other chains or outside of the blockchain space completely.

📌March 8: An all-new partnership of Knit Finance and Unos Finance will accelerate our vision of decentralized finance (DeFi) being accessible to anybody and everybody with #KnitDeFi UNOS tokens. Supported on multiple blockchains, users can save more fees while they do lending and borrowing. Now anyone can be part of this DeFi system with more flexibility and with more types of assets.

💥March 11: Knit Finance partnered with PlotX to give $PLOT holders the ability to use their $PLOT as a payment instrument in their marketplace. This means $PLOT will be able to be used on multiple chains via Knit Finance’s infrastructure. Additionally, Knit Finance aims to leverage the PlotX prediction market protocol within their ecosystem gamified predictions of assets in their ecosystems.

💡March 15: Knit Finance launched an exciting Telegram Sticker Pack Competition to bring out the creative side of our community. We are currently doing a poll to pick the best ones to give out exciting rewards!

🙌Knit Finance teamed up with Nuls to provide $NULS holders the ability to use the token as a payment instrument in their marketplace. #Nuls will also use #KnitDeFi multi-chain solution for getting NULS tokens on multiple chains.

👊We have yet more exciting events and partnerships as we continue to unlock the full potential of DeFi.

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