How Blockchain can be used to tackle Corona Virus using Algorand

The success of crypto is not just based on competition, it also calls for the industry to be united towards the common good even as governments tackle the coronavirus, voices against privacy infringement are rising as well, false data, mismanagement of public funds etc.

Blockchain technology provides a lot of services in the following industry;

• Loans origination
• digital identitites
• Trace and tracking solutions
• Supply chain.


Algorand Foundation:

▪︎ Scalability and Interoperability.
▪︎ Democratized access to investments.
▪︎ Pure Proof-of-Stake Consensus Protocol.
▪︎ Atomic transfers with negligible fees etc.
▪︎ Disintermediate cross border transactions that will take care of settlements and remittances.
▪︎ Asset tokenization (cryptocurrencies, stable coins, regulatory certifications, loyalty points, real estate etc)

How FlexID using Algorand, can help tackle Corona Virus in Africa:

“Through the utilization of blockchain, hospitals could ensure timely delivery of medicines with accurate tracking, also in supply chain, moving of health materials, Trace and tracking solutions to also ensure people.”

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