How Blockchain can be used to tackle Corona Virus using Algorand

Blockchain technology provides a lot of services in the following industry;


Control of this pandemic requires unusual steps that must be measured and limited to the scope of the outbreak to prevent overeach. So in this article we would be looking at the Algorand Foundation as a case study how it can be used to control the pandemic.

Algorand Foundation:

A technology company dedicated to removing friction from financial exchange. Algorand foundation is disrupting the DeFi (Decentralized Finance) technology by enabling the creation and exchange useful, building new financial tools and services, bringing assets on-chain and providing responsible privacy model.

How FlexID using Algorand, can help tackle Corona Virus in Africa:

FlexID, aims to facilitate the recording of over 400 million digital identities across Africa, using nothing but just a mobile phone. the innovative platform allows financial institutions, insurance companies, healthcare providers and all other government departments to quickly access the personal data they need to provide services.

“Through the utilization of blockchain, hospitals could ensure timely delivery of medicines with accurate tracking, also in supply chain, moving of health materials, Trace and tracking solutions to also ensure people.”

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