Gravity protocol integrates Matic to boost DeFi adoption

  • cross-chain swaps and trading opportunities for the MATIC token. MATIC tokens will be wrapped and accessible on Gravity’s current target chains, including Waves and Tron, as well as on any new chain added in the future. MATIC will be listed on Waves.Exchange.
  • cross-chain dApp calls and oracles. The Matic network will get access to oracles that retrieve data from other blockchains and APIs. Oracle data can be used on-chain for creating unique functionality, facilitating interaction between Matic and other ecosystems.
  • use of MATIC as a means of payment on Gravity. MATIC tokens will be held and locked by Gravity nodes. Data consumers will be able to use the token to pay fees, boosting demand for Matic’s token. MATIC will join the likes of ETH, WAVES, TRX as tokens that can be locked as collateral for a Gravity node.
  • USDN, WAVES and other Waves-based tokens will be accessible on Matic sidechains. Neutrino USD (USDN) is a rapidly growing stablecoin with a unique staking mechanism. More than 30 million USDN has been locked on a smart contract. Scaling the stablecoin to the Matic network will create new opportunities for the ecosystem’s users and empower Matic’s position in the blockchain space.



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