Gravity protocol integrates Matic to boost DeFi adoption

The integration of@maticnetwork into Gravity, an inter-chain protocol that connects different blockchains and external centralized data sources without creating a native #TOKEN, is set to open up opportunities for building new-generation cross-chain solutions. #MATICNetwork

A range of DeFi solutions have been built on Matic, including the QuickSwap exchange, the Easyfi lending protocol and Marble Cards, a solution for non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The Matic network is one of the leaders in DeFi adoption, and the integration of Gravity is likely to further boost the adoption process.

The integration of the Matic network into the Gravity protocol as a target chain will enable:

  • cross-chain swaps and trading opportunities for the MATIC token. MATIC tokens will be wrapped and accessible on Gravity’s current target chains, including Waves and Tron, as well as on any new chain added in the future. MATIC will be listed on Waves.Exchange.

We see this integration as a major step towards cross-chain interoperability that will benefit both ecosystems and pave the way for creating next-generation applications.



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