$EZ is Now Live on UniFarm

Jun 23, 2021



Staking and farming on Unifarm Cohort is now Live.

#UniFramCohort13 on @0xPolygon allows you to stake one token & #earn multiple high-value tokens.

A unique farming initiative where you Stake $EZ & earn $EZ $RAZE $BLZ $UFARM $FRM & $ELK at different points in time during the staking period.

👉 Staking period: 90 Days
👉 APY Between 36% — 250%
👉 $EZ Reward Pool worth $25000

#EasyFI #GoEZ

🌐 Read more on how to stake and earn: http://bit.ly/EZonUniFarmLive
🌐 Get started here: https://bit.ly/EZUnifarmPolygon





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