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EasyFi Goes Mobile with Orange Wallet

Having Orange Wallet integrated with EasyFi Network staking pools to their mobile wallet app is a great feat. With this, users now have access to all staking programs on EasyFi via the Orange Wallet mobile app.

This integration done by Orange Wallet will also enable users to stake their assets directly on the EasyFi staking module following a few simple steps. Using this mobile application, users can stake, claim and withdraw assets in a very convenient and smooth manner just like they can on the EasyFi App.

About Orange Wallet

Orange Wallet is the first Cross-chain mobile wallet, aiming to provide access to DeFi, NFT, IDOs, and DAOs across most if not all EVM-based chains.They are simplifying the whole DeFi experience by rewriting UI or every protocol they integrate. They are aiming to make the crosschain DeFi and NFT experience so seamless that users will not even realise they are using multiple chains.

About EasyFi

EasyFi is a universal layer 2 lending protocol built for DeFi focused on scalability, composability, and adoption. It has been designed as an open and inclusive financial network infrastructure to run on public networks to facilitate an end to end lending & borrowing of digital assets and related financial products. EasyFi is being built upon the ethos of permissionless networks & automation of smart contracts.


With this integration of EasyFi Network staking, Orange Network has added an easy method using which users can stake their assets “on-the-go” thus expanding the manner in which users can #DoMoreWithDeFi.

This integration is currently on the Polygon Network and opens the doors to:

· Faster and cheaper deposits of assets with an easy access to multiple staking programs on EasyFi without having to open the EasyFi App on a desktop

· Other bigger integrations and opportunities to build on EasyFi using the tech we have.

It’s oblivious that progress is made as the vision for providing the best user experience with EasyFi is shared by the Orange Wallet team and there’s a strong believe that this integration by them has extensive potential to provide users native mobile experience for modules such as farming and lending as well as other tech integrations with EasyFi in the future.

Here is how this will work

« Download & open the Orange Wallet (PlayStore | AppStore)

« Restore / create a new wallet on the App

« Click on the DeFi tab on the Wallet

« Select the EasyFi Card as shown

« Choose from the programs displayed to deposit your assets

« Receive & withdraw corresponding rewards to the staking program





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