EasiFi Ecosystem — IMPORTANT UPDATES PART 1, 2, 3

✨EZ Trading Begins✨

👉 We are delighted to inform our community that trading for the new #EASY V2 token (Ticker: EZ) has started today on @binanceexchange, @bilaxychat, @wazirx_discuss & @gateio — who are supporting our token #hardfork & swap plan.

- @AscendEXEnglish starts trading today 1400H UTC
- @CoinDCX will be starting the trading on 01/May 0600H UTC.

👉 The corresponding announcements made by these exchanges are as follows:
- http://bit.ly/BinanceEZ
- http://bit.ly/GateEZ
- http://bit.ly/WazirxEZ
- http://bit.ly/BilaxyEZ
- https://bit.ly/coindcxEZ
- http://bit.ly/EXAscendEX


✨Other Exchanges✨

👉 Conversations with @ProBit_Exchange, @EN_HitBTC, @Hotbit_English & @resfinex_group are still on. We are awaiting some token-related data for verification before we can proceed further. Trading on these exchanges will resume at a later date.

👉 Users of ProBit, HitBTC, HotBit & Resfinex will be able to trade $EZ once the full reconciliation process is completed by these exchanges & announcements supporting the hard-fork & swap been done accordingly.


✨EZ Airdrop & Distribution✨

Distribution of the new #EASY V2 token — $EZ — to:

👉 the above-mentioned exchanges (including the staking programs) has now been completed. Please note that token swaps on exchanges will be done by them directly into the user spot wallets.

👉 eligible wallets as per snapshot, mentioned in previous announcements, on all three blockchain networks: @ethereum, @0xPolygon, and @Binance #SmartChain

👉 liquidity providers on #DEXes / AMMs, users of #EasyFi Access, Incentivization programs such as Liquidity Farming, Dual Farming, and the rest has also been completed.

👉 some users & LPs on #PancakeSwap on #BSC who are part of the Farm & Syrup pool may have received $EZ while the remaining shall receive their pending tokens & continue farming by the coming week, as data reconciliation is still in process.

Stay tuned for more updates.