Creepts Gaming Contest: Enter a $25,000 CTSI Token Giveaway

Competition Period:


  • 1) Locate your Upbit Korea or Upbit Indonesia CTSI Address
  • 2) Go to:
  • 3) Play Creepts and achieve the highest score you can!
  • 4) Once the game ends, enter your Upbit CTSI address in the pop-up
  • 5) Play again for a higher score!


Terms and Conditions

  • Rewards are set at the spot rate of CTSI/USD according to Coinmarketcap on the day of payout.
  • Rewards are allocated based on the final rankings of the round.
  • Users are required to be KYC verified on Upbit Korea or Upbit Indonesia to be able to participate and receive a reward.
  • Users need to submit an Upbit Korea or Upbit Indonesia CTSI address to be eligible. Your address will be checked against your account and rewards will be distributed to this address. No exceptions will be made.
  • CTSI rewards will be distributed within 2 weeks after the contest ends. — Users can log in and see their rewards via their Upbit Korea or Upbit Indonesia account after distribution is completed.
  • Each user’s gameplay data will be submitted after each game. Data may be used to check for malicious actors or be used for marketing purposes.
  • The external Creept’s high-score page may not reflect the actual final results, winners or placements and should only be taken as a “score” reference for players. This page is managed by the Cartesi team.
  • Users can participate in both the Tournament and the Play & Earn airdrop.
  • Upbit and Cartesi both reserve the right to cancel or amend the Competition or Competition Rules. and/or terms at their sole discretion.
  • Cartesi and Upbit both reserve the right to disqualify participants should they display attributes of malpractice.
  • 5,000 Play & Earn submissions will be collected in anticipation for the first entries not meeting the requirements.
  • The 3,333 Play & Earn winners will NOT be known, payments will be made to the Upbit wallet if all T&C were satisfied.




Crypto Evangelist | Smartphone photographer | Geologist |Project manager| Digital Marketer|

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Crypto Evangelist | Smartphone photographer | Geologist |Project manager| Digital Marketer|

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