Cartesi — Journey to Scalability and developer’s productivity.


  • Integrate Cartesi layer 2 on your DApps with a few simple steps. Settle payments on-chain whenever needed. This will release Defi from the present scalability constraints of blockchain. It will also help interoperability between blockchains and services — like futures and insurance markets.
  • With Cartesi, professionals in fields like logistics and transportation will be ready to offer their services and be hired by enterprises internationally and without the necessity for intermediaries. This will be able to scale to billions of transactions.
  • Game state processing is going to be free from the computational limits and high fees of blockchains without the necessity to sacrifice decentralization and lots more.
  • By moving most of their DApp logic to run inside Cartesi Machines, but on top of the Linux Operating System, developers are isolated not only from the limitations and idiosyncrasies of specific blockchains but also from irrelevant details of the Cartesi Machine architecture itself. They regain access to all the tools they have come to rely on when writing applications.
    This is Cartesi’s contribution to empowering DApp developers to express their creativity unimpeded and to boost their productivity.




Crypto Evangelist | Smartphone photographer | Geologist |Project manager| Digital Marketer|

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Crypto Evangelist | Smartphone photographer | Geologist |Project manager| Digital Marketer|

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