Cartesi Approach Towards solving Blockchain Problems

2 min readMay 22, 2020


Cartesi Is the operating system for decentralized applications, been run on the Linux ecosystem outside the blockchain without compromising the centralization. Cartesi makes decentralized applications significant more powerful cost-effective easier to develop and portable it will cause mainstream productivity to the developer and satisfying experience to its to end-users.

Blockchain Problems: Blockchain need to perform as well as centralized technology in order to be able to compete with it. Intensive computations are impractical inside the blockchain, and this bring about the following.

  • SLOW
  • Off-chain computations cannot be trusted by the blockchain

Ways Cartesi can solve the above Problems.

Cartesi is here to solve problems associated with the block chain by the using A layer-2 platform for development and deployment of scalable decentralized applications. In the quest to solve problems associated with blockchain Technology, certain values or technology will set aside to achieve this. Cartesi is very serious about developing Blockchain technology so that all obstacles or weaknesses can be improved in the Cartesi project.

Guaranteed Consensus
Computations are often verified by all parties involved within the Application. Disputes are settled automatically by Cartesi. This requires negligible computation inside the blockchain, no matter the dimensions of the external computation.

A Real OS. Intensive Computation
Cartesi uses the Linux runtime environment for blockchain Decentralized Applications (DApps). Complex computations run off-chain transactions while retaining the strong security guarantees of the underlying blockchain. This will reduce slow

Ease of Development and Portability
With Cartesi, developers use simpleand powerful software components supported by Linux to develop their DApps. They are free from the effort of limited domain-specific blockchain environments. Mainstream developers can fully express themselves building Applications with the software stacks that they are already conversant with. Cartesi DApps are going to be portable across the foremost relevant blockchains, so developers won’t got to worry about the longevity of specific blockchain projects.

Cartesi is here to help DApp developers build more communication products for their clients. that is giant step towards blockchain opportunities for real innovation and mass adoption of Blockchain technology.

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