Cartesi and Defi

Cartesi as a Layer-2 platform for the development and deployment of scalable decentralized applications can be utilized by DeFi projects as it will provide them with a system free from the scalability constraints of blockchain and fees.

“Decentralized Finance, otherwise known as DeFi is a revolutionary concept in nature. In the year 2017, the idea of “crypto finance” was proposed by [Fusion]( in its official white paper toward the end of 2017 and that was the boost creation of digital/computerized finance.

Over the years DeFi has advanced bit by bit as more projects have begun their concentrate on it.

Cartesi is working as an operating system of DApps.

Complex as well as intensive computations in a Linux domain, outside the blockchain, without affecting cost or disrupting decentralization.

Cartesi makes DApps essentially more impressive, practical, cost-effective, easy to create, and compact. It gives developers mainstream efficiency productivity, one of the reasons more developers are getting open to utilize the Cartesi ecosystem and it also provides users with a delightful experience.

Cartesi helps to create a bridge between Linus and Blockchain. In that, scalable adaptable Dapps can be built utilizing a fully-fledged Linux OS and mainstream software stacks.

Cartesi runs complex computations off-chain free from blockchain impediments and charges while holding decentralization and security, which is one features a Defi project requires (a system that’s secured, devoid of any form of manipulation which decentralization can be affected by).

DeFi also requires a system that can perform complex computations and of data and the Cartesi app is the best for this as it can perform both complex and intensive computations of large amounts of data from various sources. This will further help to release DeFi from the scalability constraints of blockchain and fees.

Cartesi as a Linux infrastructure for scalable decentralized applications can help DeFi through:

• Intensive computations performed off-chain

  • Complete generality for developers
  • Consensus efficiently reached on-chain
  • Real world computations meet the blockchain.
  • Portable across multiple blockchains.
  • Guaranteed consensus

• Decentralized loan

• Decentralized exchange

• Programmable standardized decentralized derivatives

• Financial process automation.

Defi is absolutely inverse to CeFi (centralized finance). Where your control on your fund is limited and can be manhandled to actualize political errands and other personal gains. This can be seen as a parasitic framework that has neglected the requirements of users and individuals at large. You can not appreciate a superior relationship with your cash and you frequently get abused.

Unlike Defi where you have full access to your cash simply by getting away from all forms of limitations that can stop you from reaching financial services. In DeFi your money is in your custody and not control by any power.

Cartesi proves to be a good platform to adopt and develop DeFi as it has the best user experience (UX) giving a pro as well as a newbie easy access and guide to understand the system.

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Crypto Evangelist | Smartphone photographer | Geologist |Project manager| Digital Marketer|