Bluzelle Enters The Metaverse with Denomination

3 min readNov 27, 2021

The Game Story

A newly discovered living energy source, the Elementi, threatens to disrupt The Order’s Grip. The Elementi bind with humans, unlocking new powerful abilities, but The Order has outlawed anyone from possessing them and seeks to use the Elementi for their own corrupt power. A group of rebels called The Radicals are fighting back, driven by a vision of the future where every human can bind with their own Elementi. Join the Radicals and discover your power, regain control from The Order and claim your stake on The Ring.

The Game Loop

The denomination has a four-stage game loop:

1. Battle: PvP, PvE, Tournament, Live Events, Seasons

2. Collect: Earn game currency, win or lose. PvP wagering, tokens, resources, land.

3. Progress: Leaderboard quests and daily goals. Community progress. Levels, Ranks.

4. Earn/Invest NFTs, Tokens, Card Backs, Card Parks, Land.

How BLZ works in the Game

Recently, four ways to increase the utility of BLZ via Denomination has been developed:

« Buyback and Burn. BLZ will be the payment method for NFTs and other assets. Bluzelle will burn a percentage of the proceeds. As the game generates revenues, more BLZ can be burned.

« Staking. BLZ will be used with the game to stake and earn new items in the game.

« Storage. The NFTs used in the game will need to be stored on our storage network, Bluzelle R2. This will generate fees for validators and delegators.

« Transactions Fees. As the in-game currency for Denomination, BLZ will increase velocity.

With a continued development with Cosmos, they’d be room to discover new ways to build out game finance in the Cosmos ecosystem. Also, they’d explore methods to work with other chains as they go through production. With the understanding of both gaming and crypto, this is an area to lead in.

Partnership with Top Game Studio

To deliver Denomination they are working closely with Starloop Studios, an experienced game development studio who have worked with the top game companies in the world, including Ubisoft, Bethesda, Scopely, Disney, Square Enix, and more. They have a massive team throughout the world and have delivered over 100 gaming projects across console, mobile, browser, and VR/AR.

This is Starloop’s first entry into crypto games. Combining experience in crypto, blockchain, and finance, coupled with Starloop’s excellent ability to deliver games, future success is glaring.

What Next!?

You can see more of the Denomination game here. The goal is to build the game in real-time for the community to follow and get early players. Please look forward to the following:

· Bi-weekly sessions to update game and storage development

· Bounties and contests around the Denomination story

· NFT drops around assets of the game

Bluzelle: The Blockchain for GameFi

As new gamers enter crypto, Bluzelle provides an experience that meets their needs for quality games, storage, and finance.




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