Bluzelle Ecosystem: Let’s look back at some of these crucial alliances

Jul 23, 2021


Moving headstrong in our mission to help people Stake, Build, and Buy like never before, Bluzelle has accomplished a lot and allied with multiple projects that have greatly contributed to their platform’s development.

Let’s look back at some of these crucial alliances:

  • Partnership with Ankr Partnership with Equilibrium
  • Partnership with RioDeFi
  • Partnership with Phala Network
  • Partnership with Frontier
  • Partnership with Stafi Protocol
  • Partnership with Tomochain
  • Partnership with Dvision Network
  • Partnership with Genesis Shards
  • Partnership with Mintable
  • Partnership with MANTRA DAO

Looking forward to solid partnerships and alliances like these to push decentralized finance to newer heights in their mission to become the ultimate decentralized storage network for the creator economy. 🙌 #databases #decentralized #cryptocurrency




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