Announcing Matic Network’s Art of the Week campaign

Nov 6, 2020


Calling all NFT artists! Announcing Matic Network’s Art of the Week campaign: Earn up to $300 for showcasing your art!

Art of the Week is designed to celebrate and showcase artistic talent in the blockchain space. We’re inviting all NFT artists from art galleries and marketplaces such as Rarible, SuperRare, MakersPlace, Nifty Gateway etc. to submit their NFT art pieces for our weekly campaigns.

🖼 The winning pieces will be showcased in Terra Nova’s Art Gallery for the world to see!

⛓ Structure:
Every Monday we’ll be providing three different art categories for relevant submissions. After a 48-hour submission window, all artwork will be reviewed by our panel of expert judges who will nominate 3 pieces from each category for community voting. The community will then decide the winners.

✅ Judges:
• Marguerite deCourcelle (Coin Artist)
• Matty (DCL Blogger)
• Gabby Dizon (Chairman and Co-founder of Alto)

🎁 Prizes:
The winner of each category will receive $50 in MATIC tokens, and the overall winner whose piece is crowned ‘Art of the Week’ will receive a $300 prize. Pieces in all categories are eligible to be crowned Art of the Week.

🗣 Retweet:

⏰ Submissions for this week’s campaign are now open until

This week’s categories are:
1️⃣ Abstract
2️⃣ Animation
3️⃣ Fantasy

🌐 Are you an NFT artist? Submit your artwork here:




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