EasyFi Goes Mobile with Orange Wallet

Having Orange Wallet integrated with EasyFi Network staking pools to their mobile wallet app is a great feat. With this, users now have access to all staking programs on EasyFi via the Orange Wallet mobile app.

This integration done by Orange Wallet will also…

To provide users with improved data analytics and transparency, Unilend partners with Covalent. Before we get into the collaboration proper, it’s worthy of note to state briefly what Covalent entails and what unilend entails as it aids comprehension in the collaboration.

About Covalent

Covalent provides a unified API to bring…

7 Bridges a été reconnue comme l’une des brasseries artisanales les plus innovantes et primées d’Asie.En tokenizing NFT, la brasserie est pionnière du croisement de la bière artisanale dans le Metaverse.

Bière artisanale tokenisée en édition limitée NFT à soutenir par des incarnations revendiquables, buvables et physiques.

Bientôt, les jetons…

Great joy as Router protocol partners with Safle. Through this collaboration, Safle will support Router Protocol as a wallet and Web3 infra. services provider for their community. Router Protocol, will be assisting in bridging Safle to other chains wherein the communities will be able to easily source liquidity.


September has been a great month for persistence, they had their engines primed to launch pSTAKE in conjunction with Alpha Finance after repeatedly surpassing all expectations during the capped launch.

To celebrate, they started an Airdrop campaign and hosted a pSTAKE launch party, which reached its registration limit within 90…

Persistence.one is enabling exposure to multiple asset classes- Liquid Staking (pSTAKE).

A Brief Review Of Persistence.one

Persistence.one is dedicated to work with consistent trade of value all through the globe to speed up and increase the productivity of cross-line exchange and financing to close the 1.6 Trillion financing gap.


This is how we are going to sail, in this article, we are going to be introduced to EPNS governance, community involvement, then we dive into phases, then the roles of governance.

A first step marks a decision, a new direction; it declares moving forward despite the fears or self-doubt…


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